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At GlobalMedHub we assist your business with the implementation of international and domestic regulatory strategies in all stages - initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing. This includes preparation, coordination, and compiling applications for submission to regulatory agencies.


Furthermore, as regulatory affairs specialists, we respond to common inquiries from clients, members of the business community, and regulatory agencies. We ensure that regulatory compliance and requests are timely and correctly addressed, as well as all necessary paperwork is filed. 

We also pin point all problems and immediately inform the management about those, as well as how to fix these issues. We are responsible for implementing training guidelines and training all members of the team on important regulations.


At GlobalMedHub, we generate ideas and implementation plans for organizations in regard to regulatory compliance from A to Z. 

  • Ensure company compliance with all regulations and laws pertaining to company business.

  • Compile and maintain appropriate technical documents for regulatory submissions.

  • Conduct research to support regulatory submissions.

  • Prepare and submit documentation to regulatory agencies.

  • Legally approved Medical Distribution in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the whole Middle East and North Africa Region.


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