Why Partnering with GlobalMedHub

With its significant market and population growth, the Middle East and North Africa region is a winning market for many healthcare manufacturers. There are, however, some challenges in doing business in our region.

Most of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa have adopted commercial agency laws stating that some products are only to be distributed by a local agent. This is often a challenging situation for European companies when it comes to appointing local agents. Particularly when it comes to dealing with appointing several agents for each country and making several agreements.


GlobalMedHub was founded with a single mission: to be the ethical and trusted single partner of choice to connect the European manufacturers to the Middle Eastern healthcare systems to address unmet medical needs.


Choosing GlobalMedHub as your single partner in the region means signing only one distribution agreement and having a single point of contact. Choosing to work with GlobalMedHub means gaining many years of management and commercial healthcare experience in the region. 

Why GlobalMedHub as your partner?

1. We have an excellent reputation and are often recommended in the market.

2. Consistently exceeding your expectations.

3. We are an industry expert and with existing resources.

4. Have the knowledge of the market and service level you need.

5. We put the needs and requirements of the customer first.


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